Who Is Really To Blame?

I have a real problem with the state of affairs our country is currently in. The deficit is out of control; our credit rating dropped; unemployment is high; Congress can’t make a decision; the President seems helpless.  It is downright unbelievable. Or is it?  Is it really that unbelievable that our country is out of control? Considering that since the Great Depression there has been damn near two recessions every decade, why should anyone be surprised with that kind of pattern.  But as always, there’s plenty of finger pointing to go around. It’s all the President’s fault. Congress is ineffective. The free market is running amuck. Government is trying to control too much. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse. You have just got to love the politics. Wait! It can’t be! Did I just discover a common theme in all those excuses!? Could our political system actually be the root cause of all our countries problems? Naw, it can’t be!? We live in the world’s greatest democracy! A land of great liberties, where the people have all the power! Our politics can’t be an issue! Can it? Is it?

            Our political system breeds segregation. The fact that we as citizens even distinguish ourselves based on political affiliation is a product of that.  For the most part, you are either Republican or Democrat. Those are the only political parties that really matter in the grand scheme of things.  Our elected officials concentrate the majority of the efforts trying to fit that particular role, whether it be Republican or Democrat, all so they can get re-elected.  Don’t believe me? I give you exhibit A, the debt ceiling fiasco.  Everyone knew the consequences if it didn’t happen. It’s not like it hasn’t been done hundreds of times before.  So what was the big deal now? Oh, that’s right, it is an election year! Pure coincidence, right? Imagine how differently this could have turned out if there were no political parties involved. If our elected leaders actually had to make a decision based on what was right instead of what was required by their political affiliation. If they had no political daddy to hide behind and truly had to work together because everyone is on the same team. Scary thought, I know.  Something might actually get accomplished.

            But the system works none the less, despite the indifference it creates.  Indifference? Yes, indifference, because people as a whole don’t give a shit about the political process.  Those that don’t vote could care less because they don’t see the difference it would make it they did vote or not.  Those that do vote typically vote for whoever represents “their” party, so as long as that person has a certain ideology, they’re as good as gold.  No real thought is put into a decision. But how can people really care about who gets elected? Most of us have a hard enough time doing our own jobs, let alone keep track of whether or not this elected official is doing theirs. That insignificant life stuff like working, raising a family, and praying to God that you have a decent retirement gets in the way and you have very little time for anything else. If there was only some way to remove that political party crutch people use to make a voting decision. To force people to pay attention to the person instead of their Crips or Bloods, I mean, Democrat or Republican affiliation. A way for an elected official to represent the populous, instead of the popular party. I got it! Get rid of the party system! There’s that common theme again. I know, I know, I have to get out of this fantasy world I live in. But I do wonder if Santa Claus is a Blood?

I don’t have all the answers, nor do I even care enough to make a difference. I’m just tired of watching these politicians run our country off a cliff and us dumb Americans follow along like a bunch of mindless lemmings.  I just wish there was a leader out there who had the balls, excuse me, fortitude who represent that true OG. Also known as big “CS”, better known as common sense.


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