II Cents Unplugged

I don’t know if it was that I was dropped too hard on my head as a baby (which might explain why it’s lopsidded), or all the crazy shit I have been exposed to, but the picture above says it all. For example, I strongly believe that I am smarter than most people. I believe in personal responsibility first and foremost, because whatever situation you’re in, nobody got you there but you. Yes, some things are out of your control, but you’re the only person that can fix them. If you can’t, then except them and move on, cause life’s too short. I no longer believe in that true love or soul mate shit; it was all created by writers back in the day in an attempt to get laid (I personnally blame Willi Shakes). I don’t believe you should praise God for everything good that happens in your life, and not be allowed to flip “Him” off when something completely out of your control fucks you (that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to religion). I don’t think women should be offended if a man stares at their ass or tits. One, be thankful you still look good enough to get the looks. Two, we didn’t make you wear that revealing shit. Three, well there is no three, get the fuck over it! I hate all politicians and think they all should be bitch slapped, or at the very least fired. I believe you should love your spouse more than your children (trust me, there is definately gonna be a post on this one). And I without a doubt believe that homosexuality is genetic and not learned (There is no way you can learn to love a hairy ass. The jury is still out on lesbians, even though they prove my first point).

I would say that I hope I didn’t offend you too much, but then I would be lying. My give a fuck tank is on “E” and has been permanently sealed (I have a separate tank for friends and family). I’m gonna cut it short, cause I’ll go on for days. But this is why I started this blog to begin with. To resurrect common sense and give people a good dose of reality. Or if nothing else, inflate my own ego. Both are equally as important.

So if you made it this far, you either agree with me, our at least enjoy reading what I have to say. Regardless, at least you know what to expect when you see a II cent posting. This is me in a nutshell.  If you like me, good. If you don’t, well, just read inbetween the lines. |FUCK YOU!|

II cents

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About iicents

I am who I am. Who I am has been forged in the fires of trials and the steel of tribulations. Built strong enough to strike a fearsome blow upon life, but sturdy enough to handle the recoils of hardship that it brings. I am a product of my mistakes, wrapped in a vessel of understanding. I know that the future is mine to mold and the past is ONLY a reminder of the events that have shaped me. I am of unique design that nothing earthly could ever alter or duplicate. Grateful. A troubled soul still searching for peace within. My road may be long, and my journey is grueling. But the blanket that comforts me is knowing that I am a capable traveler. This is my definition. This is who I AM. View all posts by iicents

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