R.I.P. Marriage Part I: Recap

I just had a conversation with a very close friend of mine that further validated the point of my R.I.P. Marriage Part I post. He just entered into a serious relationship with someone, and it is obvious that they care for each other deeply. I have no doubts that marriage is probably in their future. So I told him to give her the tattoo test. For those that haven’t read the original post, go back and fuckin read it so you know what the hell I’m talking about. Anyway, as expected she failed miserably. The point of the tattoo test does not mean getting a tattoo in the literal sense. Some people just don’t like tattoos, which is understandable. They hurt like hell, so unless you are into them, this will never be an option for you. The point of the tattoo test is a sign of commitment. A way for you to challenge yourself to see just how committed you are to someone before you commit to them FOR LIFE!!!!! Far too often people say that they would do anything for the person they love, but when presented with an option to do so, they start to contemplate their actions. They start to ask themselves the standard question, “What if it doesn’t work out?” My answer is so what. You might get in an accident on your way to work, does that mean you don’t get in your car drive your ass in on a possibility?! The point is you shouldn’t worry about the “what ifs”, because some things are just out of our control. Life is a twisted bitch, and you never know what dastardly deed she has up her sleeve.  If it doesn’t work out, then get that shit covered or removed, and move on. How many times have you seen people get tattoos and years later say “what the hell I was thinkin?” But at the time, they liked it and got it. The same with getting someones name tattooed on you. At that time you love and only want to be with them, so why the hell not??!! REPRESENT!!!! And don’t half ass that shit with some initials. That’s a punk move. Anyway, I’m starting to feel myself get into full on RANT MODE, so I’m going to wrap this up. All I’m sayin is think about your commitment before you make it. Commitment means different things for different people, so it is up to you and your partner to iron those things out before jumping that broom. The tattoo test is just a great way to open up that conversation, and sweep expectations out of the door.

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I am who I am. Who I am has been forged in the fires of trials and the steel of tribulations. Built strong enough to strike a fearsome blow upon life, but sturdy enough to handle the recoils of hardship that it brings. I am a product of my mistakes, wrapped in a vessel of understanding. I know that the future is mine to mold and the past is ONLY a reminder of the events that have shaped me. I am of unique design that nothing earthly could ever alter or duplicate. Grateful. A troubled soul still searching for peace within. My road may be long, and my journey is grueling. But the blanket that comforts me is knowing that I am a capable traveler. This is my definition. This is who I AM. View all posts by iicents

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