About My Thinkin


Now that we got the pleasantries out the way, welcome to A Lincoln For My Thinkin! A blog about any and everything. When I started this blog, I wanted to first and foremost not limit it in any way. There’s no telling what comes into head of mine. This is free expression in its finest form, which means that there are no filters involved in my, or anybody’s writing that contributes to this blog. If that is a problem, then read the warning statement again. I know, bold, all caps print can be a little hard to detect sometimes.

Another one of my goals with this blog is to encourage free thought. Far too often we are disillusioned by our own realities. Meaning, we say things that we don’t believe; we believe in things without asking why we should; we fear things that we don’t understand. Myself, and my fellow contributors like to challenge these ideas, and if nothing else, open the conversation to the possibility that things aren’t always what they seem. I think everyone has an opinion, which is why I encourage people to repond to our posts whether you agree with us or not. With that said, I do expect a certain level of respect to be given when anyone responds. We will return that respect in kind. Whatever you dish, not only can we take it, but we’ll serve it back molten hot.

As of right now the writers consist of myself, II Cents, and my partners in insanity F00dStamp and ADollaShawt. Read more about us in the “Meet the Assholes” section. After reading those posts you will probably more than agree with the title of that category. As we progress with this blog, we will be looking for new ideas to incorporate and make it better. Feel free to email any one of us at alincolnformythinkin@googlemail.com with ideas or suggestions. Your input is valuable to us, and we want to not only keep you entertained, but keep you coming back. Thanks for coming by, and we hope that you enjoy ride. If we fall asleep behind the wheel, don’t worry, the car knows the way.

II Cents


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