Feature Post Of The Week: Sept. 14, 2011


Every week I will be featuring a post that will be open for discussion. Since I am just getting started, the first few will be reposts. Eventually, a new post will be chosen each week, as the open discussion topic. At the end of the week, I will review all comments and write a response to what you think. Hope you enjoy this week’s feature! 

Imagine this. You’re Hungry. Starvin. Every fiber in your being is yearning for something to satisfy that bottomless hunger in the pit of your stomach. You salavate just trying to remember the last time you ate a good meal. You want to tear into the first piece of food you can get your hands on. Anything to make your torture end. But it can’t end. Matter of fact, you can’t escape it. You’re surrounded by the thing you want the most. Your favorite foods are all within a hands reach. The smell is so strong that your tastebuds are overloaded with anticipation. But when you reach out to grab it, a jolt of denial propels you even further away. All the while there is a voice nagging in your ear, repeating over and over again, “You can’t have any until I say you can.” So you wait. You wait for days, sometimes even weeks before this mythical being allows you to eat just enough to curb your appetite for a brief moment in time. And then it starts all over again. What is this hell I speak of? Well it is a hell far too many of us know all to well, sex in marriage. And trust me, satan ain’t got shit on a married woman.

Now before too many of you get offended, let me just say that this is definatly a “if the shoe fits, wear it” kind of posting. And men, this is aimed at you too if you’re not handling your business on the home front. Unfortunately I can only speak from the male perspective because, well, I’m a man. That’s why my main focus is on the ladies. Because let’s be real, women have sex when they want to, men have sex when they are allowed to. Which is typically why women have all the power in a relationship and men are just tagging along. Men, I know that is a hard pill to swallow. But take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. I too feel that pain, which is why I’m making a stand to stop this abuse of power. Or if not stop it, at least make people aware. A wise man named Ben Parker once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Well ladies, it’s time to man the fuck up and handle your responsibilities.

To some, my opening analogy may seem a little over the top, but if you think about it, those two urges are very similar. Sure, it’s harder to function without food than without sex. But if you’re honest with yourself, you feel out of balance when you go without it. And for men, this can be downright maddening. It clouds your judgement. You can’t think straight. You find yourself doing things (or people for that matter) that you would have never done otherwise. So yeah, it is that deep. And women, especially wives and girlfriends, need to understand this. Nothing sucks worse than going to sleep with hopes and hard dick. That is exactly what happens when the woman we desire the most; the woman who is supposed to be the last and only feeder of or sexual souls; says yet again, “Not tonight”. And we’re left starving, waiting for the next crumbs to be thrown our way.

So why is it always about sex with men? Isn’t communication and trust more important to a meaningful relationship than sex? Besides, with all the stresses of raising a family and working full time for women that do, there just isn’t enough energy left for sex. Can’t you men understand that? If you really care about your woman at all, you would understand. All valid points, but excuses none the less. First, understanding is a two-way street. In order for a man to be more understanding of a woman’s feelings, a woman has to respect a man’s. Second, a man also experiences stress from family and work, so you’re not the only one. Yes, communication and trust are important, but they are not the reason you got together in the first place. Sex is. The only reason a man shows interest in a woman to begin with is to sleep with her. A woman being cool enough to spend time with is an added bonus. Women are the same way. A woman will not show interest in a man she wouldn’t consider sleeping with. For women, it’s just a matter of if and/or when a man is worth giving it up to. But it makes sense. You can’t tell if someone is trustworthy or easy to talk to at first sight, but you can see if they’re physically attractive enough to find out.

So in there lies the problem. If sex was important enough to bring you together, it should be important enough to help keep you together. Once you loose sight of that, then you set yourself up for failure. In a relationship, sex becomes more than just physical gratification, it becomes a form of validation for your partner. A way of showing that they are more than just a pay check and fixer of broke shit in the house for men, or a maid and diaper changer for women. That they are still that same desirable person you couldn’t get enough of when you first got together. Without that validation, you open the door for someone else to provide it. It’s hard to appreciate your own back yard when you’re looking at someone else’s through jaded eyes. Besides, is an orgasm such a hard price to pay for keeping the peace? So take those chains of the cookie jar, peel back that banana, and pig out in a buffet of lust. Because a happy cock makes for an even happier hen.


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2 responses to “Feature Post Of The Week: Sept. 14, 2011

  • Marvi Marti

    OMG as a woman, no doubt a surprise to many, I TOTALLY AGREE 100%!!! It took a wonderful book, Every Man’s Battle, to help me see that men NEED sexual release every 72 hours or less (biological FACT). While written to men, there is a section in every chapter for women, GET THE DAMN BOOK GIRLS AND READ IT!

    Besides, seriously, I have never walked away from a sexual encounter with my honey and said “damn sorry I took the time for that”. HELL NO! Always thinking “wow we need to do that more often!” and that is even when going at it like rabbits DAILY. If you cannot make time for your partner’s sexual needs, you have entirely too much on your plate and most likely you CAN and SHOULD trim some things.

    That said, I do know plenty of women that would love to do this but their hubbies have let themselves go and have fallen apart (I know, women do it too and SHAME ON THEM). Guys, take care of yourself, ladies take care of yourself too, physically.

    And girls, remember, if you aren’t taking care of business at home, some other lonely woman out there is more than happy to take care of it for you because 1) it makes her feel sexy and desirable to have the attention from him and 2) some women gain a real sense of power (sick I know) in being able to lure your man into her bed. If you aren’t taking care of him, someone else WILL!

    Bravo, excellent posts!

    • iicents

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It was refreshing to get a woman’s perspective on this. I’ve just heard the same thing over and over again from guys, even experiencing it myself. It’s even better that there is actual scientific proof that supports the argument. I’m definitely going to have to read that book. It’s very reassuring that you appreciate my style of writing. So thank you for motivating me to continue what I’m doing. I’ll do my best to keep you coming back for more.

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